Admix WP761

Capillary Crystallization Waterproofing System for Concrete


ADMIX WP761 is a perfect and permanent waterproofing material for concrete surfaces in order to control water leakage and moisture ingress. After application of this product in exposure of moisture, insoluble crystals form and expand in capillaries and micro cracks to provide permanent waterproofing for whole life of structure.

Where to use

ADMIX WP761 is mainly used for negative waterproofing, where there is no access to reverse side of structure. This product can be used for waterproofing of concrete surfaces in water reservoirs (potable and industrial water), swimming pools, waterfalls, lakes, shower rooms, foundations, elevator pits, tunnels and galleries, power plants where electronic and communication devices should be installed and sanitary rooms.

Important Notes

As the system is based on crystal formation and growth, surfaces have to be saturated before application, and applied materials should permanently be kept wet for 7 days by means of water curing.
Curing should start after initial setting and when surface discoloration starts.

Application method
ADMIX WP761 can be applied in following methods:

– Preparation of slurry and applying in layers by means of paint brush or sprayer within two hours intervals, in which the first layer has set. For slurry preparation, mix 2 to 2.5 parts of powder to 1 part of clean water. Please note that water should be added to powder, so pour powder into the mixer first and then add water.

– Preparation of paste and applying on rough surfaces or in corners. Mixing method is the same as slurry, but mixing ratio of powder is more.

– As dry shake on fresh concrete or joints.

Surface preparation
Before application of ADMIX WP761, surface capillaries should be opened by means of sand blasting or wire brushing. Any contamination, oil and grease, curing compound and paint should be removed and cleaned. Larger cracks and damaged areas should be repaired and leveled by cement based repair mortars, then applying waterproofing material.

For waterproofing one square meter with slurry method in the thickness of 1mm, two kg of powder is required. For applying paste in 3 to 4 mm thickness, 6 to 8 kg of powder is needed. The consumption can be greater on uneven surfaces.

ADMIX WP761 is supplied in 25 kg PP bags.

ADMIX WP761 must be stored in original packages on pallets and be protected from sunlight, compaction and moisture. Shelf life of the products is 12 months.
Failure to comply with the recommended storage conditions may result in premature deterioration of the product. For specific storage condition contact Damavand Sefid Technical Services Department.

Safety awareness
Like other cement based products, ADMIX WP761 may cause minor irritation. Use personal safety devices while using this material. In case of any contact to eyes or skin, wash it with clean water for at least 15 minutes and get medical helps.

Quality approval

All materials produced in White Damavand Co. are under strict control of QC department and meet the requirements of international standards.

For additional information, contact company’s specialists in Tehran at: 88678881-3 or email address: