Admix GE540

High Strength Epoxy Based Grout Mortar


ADMIX GE540 is a three component product based on special selected epoxy, comprising of base epoxy, reactor and specially graded aggregates. By mixing three components at job site, a workable, free flow and solvent free grout is obtained. The product withstands static and dynamic loads without cracking or segregation. It is suitable for application thickness range of 10 to 80 mm.

Typical application

Due to very good mechanical properties of ADMIX GE540, it can be used for fixing crane and transporter rails, installation of industrial machineries subjected to static and dynamic loads, fixing steel or rubber base bridge bearings and joint shields, to screed surfaces in which acid or chemicals spillage may occurs, filling base plates underlay or concrete holes and cavities.

Technical Specifications

Density: Approx. 2.0 g/cm³ at 25°C (mixed)
Bonding strength: > 2.5 MPa (Concrete failure)
Compressive strength: Approx. 96 MPa (7 days)
Tensile strength: Approx. 13 MPa (7 days)
Flexural strength: Approx. 26 MPa (7 days)
Pot life: 70 min. (25 ºC) / 40 min. (40 ºC)
Full cure: 7 days (25 ºC) / 3 days (40 ºC)

– No priming required.
– Excellent flow characteristics.
– High tensile, flexural and compressive strength.
– Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
– Rapid strength gain and high resistance to dynamic loads and chemical attack.
– It is shrinkage compensated and does not crack.
– Tolerates damp surfaces.

Application method
Surface preparation
Concrete surfaces should be sound, stable, clean and free from loose laitance, paint, oil, grease and residual curing membrane which may cause debonding. Rough surfaces are preferable. Metal surfaces should be free from any rust, contamination or paint. Formwork (if used) should be wrapped in polythene sheet to ensure a clean release.

Do not split packs or alter the ratio of components in any way. The amounts are accurately pre-weighted to meet stated mechanical properties. Mix with a slow speed mixer. Add total contents of the reactor container to the base component and mix them for one minute. Add powder component slowly and continue mixing to obtain a uniform free flow mortar to be used. It is noted that mixing for too long can entrain air.

Place immediately after mixing into the prepared area in such a manner that it has the shortest distance to flow. For long pours a suitable head of pressure may be required. Ensure the area to be grouted is not completely sealed and any displaced air can be expelled. Pour the grout continuously from one side only. Allow the grout to set prior to removal of formwork (normally after 6 hours). Where placement exceeds depths of 80mm, application should be carried out in layers. The second layer should be applied after at least 6 hours.

Chemical resistance
ADMIX GE540 resists to the most common corrosive chemicals such as dilute and concentrated alkalis, most dilute acids, mineral oils and petrol, ammonia, formaldehyde, salty solutions, vegetable and animal fats.

ADMIX GE540 is supplied in 20 kg total packaging which yields 10 liters.

This product must be stored in original containers under cover, out of direct sunlight and protect from extremes of temperature. Fair ventilation is necessary in hot climate. Shelf life is 12 months if stored in suitable condition.

Safety awareness
Like other chemical products, ADMIX GE540 may cause irritation. Use personal safety devices while using this material. In case of any contact or splashing to eyes or skin, wash it with clean water for at least 15 minutes and get medical helps. For more information about safety, please read product material safety data sheet.

Equipment carefulness
Wash and clean the equipment with suitable solvents after completion of each phase of application or before break times.

Quality approval

All materials produced in White Damavand Co. are under strict control of QC department and meet the requirements of international standards.

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