Admix GP570

Polymer Modified Tile Grout


ADMIX GP570 is a ready to use fine grouting mortar which comes in colors and used for filling joints of tiles, ceramics and stones. This powder forms a soft workable paste when mixed with water. Due to modification with polymers, it resists against water and moisture after drying. This product can also be used for filling concrete cracks and constructional joints, as well as fair coating for surfaces.


ADMIX GP570 can be used in water reservoirs and swimming pools with permanent water contact. Various pigments used in this product is the choice for grouting different color tiles.The product is crack free, so it is suitable for filling joints up to 6mm width. Good strength gaining after drying makes it suitable to be used for outdoor grouting.

Technical Specifications

Appearance: Colored cement based powder
Bulk density: 1.4 g/cm³
Water penetration: < 1mm
Chloride content: < 0.1%

Application method
Grouting tiles and ceramics can be done 48 hours after installation. Clean and open inside the joints completely. When using the product for crack filing, saturate the cracks after cleaning, but no standing water should exist.

Note: Clean tiles surfaces with a wet cloth after completion of grouting.

Actual consumption depends on joint or crack dimensions. As an example 1 kg of product is sufficient for filling 4 square meters of 15×15 cm tile having 3 mm joint width.

ADMIX GP570 is supplied in 5 and 20 kg PP bags.

This product must be stored in original bags on pallets out of direct sunlight and be protected from rainfall and extremes of compaction. Shelf life in unopened bags and suitable storage is 12 months.

Safety awareness
Like other cement based products, ADMIX GP570 may cause irritation. In case of any contact with eyes or skin, wash it immediately with clean water for at least 15 minutes and get medical helps. Use personal safety devices while using this product.

Equipment carefulness
Wash the equipment with water after completion of each phase of application or before break times.

Quality approval

All materials produced in White Damavand Co. are under strict control of QC department and meet the requirements of international standards.

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