Admix MS560

Silica Fume Slurry



ADMIX MS560 is a ready to use silica fume slurry modified with plasticizer which blocks porosities of concrete due to fineness of its particle size and results in production of dense concrete with low permeability. Due to practical difficulties of using silica fume powder in job site, always use of slurry form is recommended.


ADMIX MS560 can be used for producing high quality and durable concrete in aggressive environments, as it reduces permeability of concrete besides increasing mechanical strengths. Also the concrete containing silica fume slurry shows better abrasive resistance. Some of the usages are in following concretes
– Concreting in aggressive environments such as Persian Gulf areas.
– Producing high strengths concrete.
– Concrete for piles and decks of bridges in salty earth of deserts.
– Flooring in industrial areas, petrochemicals and refineries.
– Loading and car refueling platforms.
– Power plants, generators and turbines installation areas.
– Hangers, runways and helicopter pads.

Advantages: ADMIX MS560 contains water reducing admixture which improves workability of concrete but for production of high performance concretes which water cement ratio is calculating at lowest level, using superplasticizer is essential to provide workability. By using this product in concrete, a suitable coating forms on steel bars which protect them from ingress of chloride and corrosion.


Technical Properties

Appearance: Dense slurry
Color: Gray
Density: Approx.1.4 g/cm³
pH: 9 – 10
Chloride content: < 0.1% w/w

Method of use
ADMIX MS560 is supplied as a ready to use product and can be added in each stages of concrete production. The best adding time is when 70% of water is mixed or along with gagging water. The content of packages is pre-weighted and can easily be added to the mix. Never add the product to dry materials.

Actual dosage should be determined by designer or consultant depending on mix design requirement. Authorized dosage rate in concrete is according to the below table:

ADMIX MS560 Sub productDosage (cement weight)PCE CompatibilityPNS CompatibilityLigno Sulfonate Compatibility
S / SF*8-20%X X
SP / SPF4-8%X X
SP2 / SP2F1-3%X X
P / PF8-20% XX
PL / PLF4-8% XX

*F PP fiber included

ADMIX MS560 is supplied in 20 kg pails or 1250 kg IBCs.

This product should be stored in original packages under cover on pallets, out of direct sunlight and be protected from rainfall. Shelf life is 12 months in original unopened containers.

Safety awareness
ADMIX MS560 does not contain any hazardous substances, but may cause irritation. Use personal safety devices while using this material. In case of any contact or splashing to eyes or skin, wash it with clean water for at least 15 minutes and get medical helps.

Quality approval

All materials produced in White Damavand Co. are under strict control of QC department and meet the requirements of international standards.

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